Here you will find a list with frequently asked questions:

1. I cannot upload the photo in the assignment?

Please contact shout@utwente.nl.

2. I have just completed an assignment, when will I receive my points?

Assignments are judged within 7 days after submission. If your submission meets the requirements, it will be approved and you will receive your points. The assignment will be moved to the 'completed' tab. If your assignment was rejected, it will appear as available again.

3. I just ordered my reward, when will I get it?

Within 72h you should receive a voucher by email, with more information about how to collect your reward.


4. How will I get my reward?

Depending on the reward you can pick up your reward in the Union Shop (with the voucher you received by email) or you will receive further instructions by email on how to retreive your reward. You will be informed about this in the order confirmation. 

5. What do the different icons mean in the assignment view?

In the app you will find the following small icons on the right side of the assignment screens:
- Star icon: this is an indicator for your points
- Calendar icon: this shows the number of days remaining to complete the assignment

If your question is not in the list, please send an email to shout@utwente.nl.