Tired of cleaning your room?

Spread your love for the University of Twente and earn a house cleaner!

As a student you have a busy schedule. Studying, studying, studying, of course… ;-) We understand that cleaning your room is not your first priority. Shout is the key! 

  • Download the Shout app
  • Complete assignments
  • Earn awesome rewards

Are you ready to shout?

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Shout App

About the Shout app

What is Shout?

Shout is an app for students of University of Twente. By completing assignments on your smartphone, you can earn awesome gifts, like a house cleaner, University of Twente Dopper or other remarkable rewards. You can participate on your own or together with a group. The app will regularly be updated with new assignments and new rewards!

Why should I join?

As a University of Twente student, we hope you are very enthusiastic and willing to share that love for UT with your friends. Obviously, your student life is worthwhile spreading. With this you can help us to promote the university and, at the same time, you will earn awesome gifts. Also, Shout provides you the opportunity to share feedback with us, for university improvement.